Royal Woodland Siding

Here’s to more compliments and fewer worries.

Woodland Siding takes the gorgeous aura of real woodgrain, adds durability and subtracts maintenance hassle. It’s designed to be the perfect foil for wear, tear, wind, rain and snow, year after year.

For homeowners with Woodland, this is the virtually maintenance-free life: having siding that stands up to weather and doesn’t flake, chip, rot or sag. It’s possessing timeless design without giving up your weekends.

Woodland Siding comes in double 4.5” traditional for a classic look and 4.5” designer for a more contemporary impression. They both capture the look of natural wood. And they both defy the effects of time and weather.

• Robust .046” thick panel
• Available profiles: D45 and D45D
• Offered in 12’, 16’, and 25’ lengths for fewer laps and a more seamless appearance
• Beautiful low-gloss woodgrain captures the look of natural wood
Make a sustainable choice.

Not only is Woodland Siding available in a wide selection of colors, it’s also remarkably green. Lightweight, yet durable, it never requires painting or staining. For Woodland, sustainability is a lifestyle, not a fad. From production, which starts in facilities that recycle virtually all scrap materials, to manufacturing, transportation and installation (did we mention no hazardous materials are emitted when it’s cut into?) it’s a clear frontrunner in the cladding game.

• Manufactured from recyclable materials
• Rivals cedar in overall green performance
• 1/3 the environmental impact of fiber cement